Philip K. Apagya
Photography was passed from father to son in Apagya's house. After basic training in his father's studio, the young photographer from Ghana studies at the "Institut de Journalisme d'Accra". Thrilled, he greets the revolution in the eighties: the appearance of colour photography. The demand for colour pictures for passports is insatiable en Apagya, like many of his contemporaries, concentrates on this.

After the initial ecstasy of the first months, the young man feels himself freeze up in this monotonous business. He is always been an avid fan of paintings, and now starts exploring a totally different genre: The portrait in a decor of kitsch. The "American Dream" and materialism has reached Ghana also... and thus the polyvalent artist creates paintings that for example represent a Manhattan skyline.

Do you dream of a beautiful interior? Apagya delivers it you: in fact, his models are posing in front of an ultramodern living room or kitchen, a hi-fi music installation, a VCR, beautiful flower vases and so on. The art of uniting the true with the false, that's Apagya's arena.


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