Beyond Style

Group exhibition




Style is elusive and indefinable. It knows no boundaries and is neither bounded to time nor to space. Style is more than fashion, more than following a transitory trend. On the contrary, it is possible to capture a certain style-feeling in a photograph. Beyond Style, the new exhibition of Fifty One Fine Art Photography, presents a panoramic view on the term “style” with a wide range of pictures.

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African Anonymous - Untitled, Nigeria, n.d.
African Anonymous, Untitled, Nigeria, n.d.
African Anonymous, Untitled, Nigeria, ca. 1973
Claude Gassian - Miles Davis, Paris, 1986
Claude Gassian, Miles Davis, Paris, 1986
Daido Moriyama - Filmograph 1, 2001
Daido Moriyama, Filmograph 1, 2001

Artists on view Beyond Style

Diane Arbus, Irving Penn, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Frank Horvat, William Klein, Jacques Sonck, Emile Savitry, Claude Gassian, Saul Leiter, Daido Moriyama, Terry O’neill and Malick Sidibé.

Emile Savitry, Christian Dior, Paris, 1947
Jacques Sonck, Untitled, ca. 1990s
Malick Sidbé, Mr Backy, 1973
Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Bibi “L’ombre et le reflet’, Hendaye, 1927
William Klein, Anouk Aimée and Cigarette Holder, Paris, 1961
Frank Sinatra on the boardwalk, during the filming of the film "The Lady In Cement" Miami Beach, USA, 1968