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Opening: Saturday, February 12th 2022 from 2 – 6 pm

Gallery FIFTY ONE is excited to announce its first solo exhibition by acclaimed Irish photographer Eamonn Doyle, featuring a selection of photographs of his series ON (2015) and ONE (2021).

Doyle lives and works in Dublin and his native city keeps on providing him with a wealth of photographic subjects. Most of the images of ON were taken not far from his doorstep, in the multi-cultural and working- class area around North Dublin’s Parnell Street and O’Connell Street. This collection of black-and-white street photos takes the viewer on an intense journey of the ever-changing and repeating rhythm of the city. The series perfectly translates the vibrant, edgy and at times grim atmosphere of the neighbourhood. Doyle photographs the area and its inhabitants in a powerful manner, often from dramatic angles; frontally, from up close or with a low-angled camera, making faces, buildings and skies looming large and ominous over the camera. These viewpoints, along with the strong contrasts and the play with textures and volumes that Doyle finds in Dublin’s urban fabric, all contribute to the series’ dynamic and sensory drama.


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View a full overview of the exhibited works here.

Eamonn Doyle - Untitled, 2015
Eamonn Doyle - ON-22, 2014
eamonn doyle - ON - untitled 48
Eamonn Doyle - ON-48, 2014
Eamonn Doyle - Untitled, 2015
Eamonn Doyle - ON-06, 2014
eamonn doyle - ON - untitled 30
Eamonn Doyle - ON-30, 2014

Eamonn Doyle

Born in Dublin in 1969, Eamonn studied photography and painting in the late 1980s. He spent much of the next twenty years producing music and working in the independent music business, founding Dublin Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF) alongside the record labels D1 Recordings and Dead Elvis. Music continues to feature as a fundamental aspect of his work.

Eamonn returned to photography in 2010. His debut photobook i was self-published in March 2014. ON (2015) and End. (2016) completed the Dublin trilogy, and was followed with K (2018), which he photographed in the west of Ireland and southern Spain. He recently published O (2020), a series of photographs shot in the Dublin neighbourhood of his youth, and ONE (2021), a large format publication featuring a selection from a series of silver gelatin prints.


Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1969
Lives and works in Ireland

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Eamonn Doyle_Black Prints_107
eamonn doyle - ON - untitled 01
Eamonn Doyle - ON-01, 2014

Eamonn has been continually exhibiting internationally, in Europe and America, throughout his photographic career. His Dublin trilogy formed a large-scale centre-piece installation at Rencontres d’Arles 2016. Fundación Mapfre Madrid staged the first fully comprehensive exhibition of Eamonn’s work at the time in 2019, which then moved to Gijón in 2020, and is accompanied by a substantial catalogue.

Made In Dublin (2019), a collaborative project that is both an award-winning publication and a nine-screen film-work, has been exhibited in Dublin, London, Madrid, Gijón, Barcelona, and Antwerp. EX (2020), a collaborative short film has been screened in Ireland and at the Berlin Short Film Festival and the Austin Arthouse Film Festival, with installation works and publication currently in progress.

eamonn doyle - ON - untitled 41
Eamonn Doyle - ON-41, 2014
eamonn doyle - ON - untitled 05
Eamonn Doyle - ON-05, 2014
eamonn doyle - ON - untitled 27 copy
Eamonn Doyle - ON-27, 2014
eamonn doyle - ON - untitled 02
Eamonn Doyle - ON-02, 2014
eamonn doyle - ON - untitled 42
Eamonn Doyle - ON-42, 2014
eamonn doyle - ON - untitled 09
Eamonn Doyle - ON-09, 2014
eamonn doyle - ON - untitled 04
Eamonn Doyle - ON-04, 2014
eamonn doyle - ON - untitled 34
Eamonn Doyle - ON-34, 2014
eamonn doyle - ON - untitled 47
Eamonn Doyle - ON-47, 2014
Eamonn Doyle - O'Connell Street, 2015
Eamonn Doyle - O'Connel Street, Dublin, 2017
Eamonn Doyle_Black Prints_022 copy
Eamonn Doyle - ONE IX, 2021
Eamonn Doyle - ONE IV, 2021
Eamonn Doyle - ONE IV, 2021
Eamonn Doyle - ONE I, 2021
Eamonn Doyle - ONE I, 2021
Eamonn Doyle_Black Prints_016
Eamonn Doyle - ONE XI, 2021
Eamonn Doyle - ONE VI, 2021
Eamonn Doyle - ONE VI, 2021